Daenerys titles the three dragons Viserion, Drogon and rhaegal, after her two deceased brothers and her past due husband, respectively.

She and the remains of Drogo's khalasar are stranded in a desolate area known as the Red Waste materials. They dare not transform toward the Dothraki sea, the locations of Slaver's Bay, or Lhazar even, for the blended group could have made easy victim for just about any Dothraki khalasar they experienced. Dany chooses instead to check out a red comet that had appeared in the sky following hatching of her dragons; however the Dothraki view the comet as a foreboding omen, Dany thinks that this heralds her own climb to power. The comet leads those to an historical, deserted city, which Dany brands Vaes Tolorro. There they get over the ravages of the desert while Dany transmits scouts everywhere.

One scout profits with three emissaries, all dominant citizens from the fantastic city of Qarth: the vendor Xaro Xhoan Daxos, the warlock Pyat Pree, and the inexplicable Quaithe of Asshai. Dany and her people go with the Qartheen back again to their city, where they stay as honored friends in the palatial home of Xaro. There Dany discovers of Ruler Robert I Baratheon's loss of life and the civil warfare in the Seven Kingdoms. She makes an attempt to search out Qartheen allies who provide her with assist in conquering Westeros, but it quickly becomes clear that the vendors of Qarth are just enthusiastic about obtaining her dragons.

Daenerys transforms to Pyat Pree and the famous warlocks of Qarth. Resistant to the wisdom of her advisors and friends, she agrees to go to the home of the Undying, seeking a perspective of the warlocks' experts, the Undying Ones. Although Jorah and her bloodriders beg to go along with her, she insists on going into alone. After obtaining instructions from Pyat Pree, Dany beverages hue of the nighttime and joined the building. Inside, Dany beholds a genuine quantity of weird visions, most signifying past apparently, future and present occurrences in Westeros. Upon finally achieving the chamber of the Undying, Dany hears whispers hailing her as "Mother of Dragons" and prophesying that she'll light three fires, ride three mounts, and face three betrayals. The Undying show Dany several more visions and then strike her, but with Drogon's help she damages the home of the Undying.

Afterward, the folks of Qarth move against Daenerys; the warlocks are rumored to conspire against her life, while Xaro requests that Dany and her people leave his mansion. With nowhere else to carefully turn, she considers the ideas of the third emissary finally, Quaithe, who instructs her that she must go further east to overcome the western world. Dany visits the docks with Jorah to get passage out of Qarth. There she notices two strangers pursuing her. Distracted thus, she actually is off her safeguard whenever a Sorrowful Man makes an attempt to poison her with a manticore, but one of the strangers intercedes and knocks the manticore apart just with time. Both men introduce themselves as Strong Belwas, a eunuch and former pit fighter, and Arstan Whitebeard, a mature Westerosi man serving as Belwas' squire. They assert to be providers dispatched by Illyrio Mopatis with three boats to escort Daenerys and her get together back again to Pentos. Dany allows the set into her lay claim and service the three boats and their cargo on her behalf own, renaming them Vhagar, Meraxes and Balerion following the three dragons that helped bring her ancestor Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives to Westeros. Dany and her companions thus place sail for Pentos.

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